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Let’s Paint some color into the background with a Chalk variant. Choose the Chalk Cloner brush variant from the Cloners brush category. Use this brush in full-color mode. Use the Dropper tool, or press “D” on your keyboard, to sample a color from the existing image, and then add a bit more saturation to the color by using the Color palette. To ground the subject, I focus the darker colors on the bottom left, and then pull pinks from the flowers subtle, not over-the-top hot pink to generalize the color in the overall image.

Using a soft pink will immediately direct the viewer’s eyes from the flowers to her skin tones. Let’s blend our paint using the same brush, but set the Resat value to 0 so the brush becomes a blender. To add some interest, we’ll blend the background with a new brush. From the Cloners brush category, choose the Flat Oil Cloner variant.

This brush lets you achieve a bristly oil look. Paint following the direction of the petals, and keep your brush size a bit smaller than the area you’re painting. Choose the Camel Impasto Cloner brush variant from the Cloners brush category. Use the brush in cloner mode. Following the same concept, paint the planes of the dress. I’ve painted out the crystals because they were distracting. Choose the Flat Oil Cloner brush variant from the Cloners brush category. If you need to smooth the edges, click the Clone Color button in the Color palette to switch to the full-color brush mode.

You can then blend the edges remember, the Resat value is set to 0. Now we’ll paint the skin and hands, working our way to the neck and face using the brush. Choose the Oil Brush Cloner brush variant from the Cloners brush category. Note: When using the Oil Brush Cloner, it is important to remove the “Impasto” feature so the skin doesn’t appear “scratchy”.

In the Draw To list box, choose Color. If you set the Impasto settings to draw only color and the effect still appears “scratchy”, you can modify the color mode. In the Color palette dialog box, move the V slider to the far left to set the value to 0. This is your variability feature.

Paint the hands with the same brush, but remember to lower the Feature value to 2 or 3. The Feature value controls the spacing in between the bristles in the nib of your brush.

A high Feature value increases the space between the bristles and produces a more “scratchy” brushstroke. For smaller areas, it’s usually best to set a low Feature value. To finish the hands, I switch to the full-color mode instead of the cloner mode. I also set the Resat value to 0, and blend the fingers. Again, keep your brush smaller than the area that you’re painting.

Now let’s tackle the face. An important rule to remember here is that your Resat controls the accuracy of your brush when it’s in clone mode. Now we’ll start applying brushstrokes to the cheeks and forehead with a large brush about a third of a size smaller than the cheek area — similar to the size of a makeup blush brush.

Following the planes of the face, brush light, feathery strokes to cover her cheek and forehead area. Take your feature smaller as we approach the chin and nose area. If you blur your own eyes, and look at her face as a set of shapes and planes, you’ll be able to paint more realistically. The key here is to paint along those planes and not just make random strokes. As we approach the lips, I continue to take my Feature down even smaller to I’m following the contour of the lines in an almost circular motion as lips are never straight up and down.

Make sure not to over-paint the highlights as this may change the shape of her lips. Eyes – breathe for this part! It’s not as hard as it looks.

Follow the lines in her eyes, and remember that eyes are round. If you take out eyelashes, that’s okay. Let’s add color to the eyes. To do this, you need to switch from the brush clone color mode to the brush color mode by clicking the Clone Color button in the Color palette. I’ve painted black into the iris, and bright white into the catchlights. Since the eyes are wet and round, they reflect light. Your counter catchlight will reflect the opposite of your catchlight.

That will be the second brightest area in the iris. The key to painting in the details is to sample the areas where I want to lay down paint. I sample image colors using the Dropper tool. For example, in darker areas, I sample a dark color in that approximate spot that I plan on painting , and then, in the Color panel, I pick a darker shade of the same color on the color wheel.

Sampling existing colors, and exaggerating them, really brings a painting to life. Using this approach produces frequent color temperature changes.

View our recorded Painting Animals webinar on YouTube. You can see more of her work at www. Heather offers wholesale artwork to studios worldwide as well as offers Corel Painter tutorials on DVD and online webex training.

Toggle navigation. Now iPhone Paint it! Applying paper texture Before I start painting, I select a paper texture with some tooth.