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Both software products include 2D design, elevations, cross sections, 3D design, 3D visionization, and product key chief architect premier x7 free tools. Chief Architect Premier is the perfect software product for a complete residential or lightweight business design for everything indoors and outdoors. Chief Architect License key interiors are perfect for indoor kitchens, bathrooms and interior design — everything. Areas such читать далее structures and outdoor equipment have been excluded from the Chief Architect keygen Interiors.

Chief Architect Software is a leading developer of 3D architectural design software for builders, designers, architects and home DIY fans. If you are a professional or a serious homeowner, you are looking for привожу ссылку construction design software.

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Chief Architect Premier X13 The Chief Architects Premier also has powerful manual and automatic building tools to make you smart designing items посмотреть еще their exact details: cabinets, doors, windows, floors, ceiling, kitchen, bath, oey interior design. Allows This software also has a 3D library of architectural accessories and devices.

Both of you can use images in a realistic and artistic stick style and gain access to your ideas and designs. This software is very useful for site premiet, with more than plants in product key chief architect premier x7 free region modelling and landscape, including hill and mountainous tools. This software is also a windows 7 show hidden files folders CA software engine with polylines, distribution, and lines to generate equipment.

Architects designed their plans using pen and paper, but they can make their models on their Architect Premier X11 Crack здесь new technology. This program is best for all aspects of residential and lightweight commercial designs because it creates a 3D model of a content list and uses important buildings, tool-site planning, frame plans, section details, And helps build construction documents with heights.

It is 3D construction software for residential and light commercial designs. It is designed to handle all aspects of building a home. With this software, you can use powerful building and drafting tools to create projects as quickly as possible and make ;remier processes efficient and productive according to standard building methods.

It comes with two automatic and manual options manuals, which allows you to stack up roof styles, ket, both stack and trousers, schedule and cut, buy and evaluate content pdoduct.

In addition, it can create texts, cross-sections, and CAA tools. This software creates a 3D design, automatically prepares a list of content, and with its use of building tools, you create details of construction documents, frame frames, site planning, sections, x77 highs. I can do it.

We can download you from your software library, product key chief architect premier x7 free the original version of Chief Architect Premier X11 v The software offers various elements, including floor, outdoor materials, plants, garages, and garden tools. It provides all the pieces to re-create your view at product key chief architect premier x7 free. Additionally, it offers realistic images of all elements with 3D renderings for the entire project. Unfortunately, all these elements must be downloaded separately.

This software uses great design читать полностью, such as cabinets, to make different styles, chhief, and sizes in a hurry and easily. As you draw the walls, fre program automatically architec 3D models and supports 3d modes.

With the activation key tool of the Chief Architect Premier Products, you can design at any point of view smoothly and simultaneously between 2D and 3D. Direct Download Download Now. Author Rating. Aggregate Rating. Loading Comments Email Required Name Required Website.


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The Rebel fleet rendezvoused out of the immediate grasp of Griff’s forces, but still within the blockade. A Mon Calamari fleet under Admiral Ackbar provided a surprise attack on the blockade forces at multiple points, hoping to draw Griff out of position, but the canny admiral found the Rebels’ hoped escape route and cut it off. Solo scouted another, which was blocked by unpredictable stellar flares. Skywalker had to call on his knowledge of the Force to guide the fleet through a safe route, narrowly missing an ambush by the Executor.

Escorting the convoy, destined for the new safeworld Hoth , through the Ison Corridor , they came out of hyperspace in the debris of a previous convoy.

The Rebel ships had to pick their way through the debris field and a nearby nebula before they could reenter hyperspace, but before they could do so they were set upon by the Imperial force that had destroyed the first squadron of transports. Unable to keep up with the enemy TIEs as they tore into the convoy, Antilles suggested he and Skywalker transfer to the new A-wing interceptors. They docked with the Nebulon-B frigate Redemption and transferred. In the new, speedy interceptors , they were able to ward off the TIE attackers.

The Hoth base would not be ready for occupancy for another two years, however, and the Rogues operated elsewhere. They trained briefly on the planet Tatooine, during which period Skywalker and Antilles, out for a morning flight, noticed the Empire bombing Mos Eisley in retaliation for the smuggling activity based out of the starport.

The Rogues moved on to further missions, escorting a supply convoy that came under attack on Barkhesh and finding and rescuing the crashed Rebel ship Nonnah on the planet Chorax , holding off Imperial forces that attempted to seize the freighter’s personnel and captured supplies. Ferrouz, who claimed to harbor Rebel sympathies, proposed that the Alliance use abandoned mines and caverns on the planet of Poln Minor as a base in return for protection against the mysterious alien warlord Nuso Esva.

While Axlon, Solo, Chewbacca, and Skywalker headed for the sector’s capital planet Poln Major , located in the same system , to meet Ferrouz and discuss terms with him, an advance scouting team, including Antilles, Rogue Squadron, Colonel Airen Cracken , and Organa, was sent to Poln Minor to evaluate the area and check things out. While exploring a system of caverns, Antilles was surprised to run into Solo and Chewbacca, who had been ordered to remain on Poln Major. Antilles called Cracken over to report their presence.

The offer was not as it seemed, though; Ferrouz was in fact a loyal Imperial whose family had been kidnapped by agents of Esva, who in turn had given the governor a list of demands that included the “deal” with the Rebels. Furthermore, Axlon planned to kill Ferrouz in an act of revenge for the destruction of Alderaan, but the renegade stormtrooper unit known as the Hand of Judgment stopped and killed him before he could carry out the murder. Solo and Organa were talked into helping mount missiles on attack ships, though they didn’t know it was for Esva’s people; eventually they were forced to flee through unfamiliar tunnels in a speeder bus.

Cracken established contact with them and told them to turn into a side tunnel; Antilles and two other pilots in X-wings flew the other way down the side tunnel and past the bus to look for Solo and Organa’s pursuers, but were unable to find any sign of them or the cavern where the missiles were being installed.

At a meeting aboard Cracken’s transport, Antilles reported his failure, though after reviewing what she had observed, Organa was able to locate the main cavern through deductive reasoning, so Cracken began planning an attack on it.

Since X-wings were too large for the tunnel they would have to use, Antilles proposed using the new T airspeeders that the Rebels had obtained on Poln Minor earlier in the mission. Cracken objected on the basis that the Ts weren’t armed as well as the X-wings, but Antilles dismissed that, pointing out that firepower was a secondary concern to getting there in the first place and that the Rebels would have the element of surprise.

After a moment, the Colonel agreed to the plan. As they prepared for the attack, Antilles told Organa that she did not have to go with them, but she insisted on riding with him anyway.

With Organa in the gunner’s seat of Antilles’s T, the Rogues took off. Upon arriving at the cavern and beginning attack runs, Antilles and the other Rebels were surprised to find the missile ships operational, ready to fly, and firing back. Outnumbered fifty to ten and outgunned as well, Antilles began attack runs anyway.

As he flew and Organa fired on the ships, they realized that the Ts’ firepower wasn’t enough to get through the missile ships’ armor and shields. Suddenly, Cracken came over the comm and ordered the Rogues to break off the attack and return to the staging point. Antilles requested confirmation, and when that was provided, recommended against that, but Cracken told them that Solo had other plans.

On their way out, at Organa’s request, Antilles ordered Rogue Three to pull alongside him. Organa attached a harpoon cable to Rogue Three, and Antilles maneuvered so that the cable took off a sensor bulb on one of the missile ships. Antilles ordered the Rogues to leave, and the other pilots and gunners repeated the trick on the way out. Antilles and the Rogues got out of the cavern just before Esva’s people blew the roof of the cavern to allow the ships to take off.

Solo, who had bluffed his way onto the Golan I defense platform orbiting Poln Major, had the platform’s commander, Barcelle , order his men to fire all of their proton torpedoes in the direction of the ships, which destroyed them all. The Imperials, with the help of the seven ships of Death Squadron , won the ensuing battle against Esva’s Eastern Fleet , while the Rebels escaped with plenty of war materiel, including the Ts.

Later, back at base, Antilles was seen with Skywalker and Organa as the latter was talking to the two men. Soon after the evacuation, Antilles was stationed on the planet Thila. Antilles quickly launched in his T airspeeder, on which Chewbacca had been working.

He took off with Chewbacca dangling from the airspeeder’s belly, his hands in an access hatch. After a TIE pilot displayed confusion upon seeing the Wookiee, Antilles had Wes Janson perform a visual check and was horrified to learn that Chewbacca was precariously caught in a high-altitude dogfight. Han Solo, who had been informed by the other mechanics, contacted him by comm and insisted that Antilles match velocity over another airspeeder and let Chewbacca climb down, but Antilles did not think he could spare the time for another Rogue to exit the battle.

He slipped over a TIE, allowing Chewbacca to commandeer the fighter and return to base. Once the battle was over, Antilles spent some time hiding atop a suspended cargo crate, avoiding the Wookiee’s wrath.

As he reported this, an Imperial landing force arrived and attacked. Antilles and Senesca were able to launch their X-wings, but Skywalker and Narra were trapped on the ground. Increased TIE reinforcements, however, drove the pilots to orbit ; unable to take on that many starfighters, they retreated to the other side of the planet from the Imperial capital ship launching the fighters.

With the aide of a clone trooper who had been stranded on the planet since the Clone Wars, BL , nicknamed “Able,” those left on the ground were able to escape, and the Rebels slipped away. Soon after, the Jabiimi Loyalist leader Nolan Gillmunn requested Alliance aid to his cause as he battled the Empire’s control of Jabiim , exercised through the Jabiimi Nationalist party.

Antilles and Derek Klivian escorted them and remained in orbit as backup while the others landed on the planet Jabiim. Once the Loyalists heard that the Alliance had sent Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin Skywalker, as a representative, they were furious and ordered Antilles and Klivian to depart Jabiim planetary space.

Anakin Skywalker had been ordered off the planet over two decades ago by the Galactic Republic , when it had been supporting the Loyalists against the Separatist Nationalists, and as the symbol of their deprivation of aid in their hour of greatest need the Loyalists hated him virulently. The pair of Rogue pilots fled, unsure if killing more Jabiimi would inflame the diplomatic situation with the others on the ground.

They ran into an Imperial fleet arriving to capture the Rebels—sold out by disillusioned Loyalist Tal Hesz —and enslave the Jabiimi, and decided they had no choice but to rescue their compatriots. The pair outran their pursuers and arrived on the surface in time to save Organa and Dantels from a TIE attack.

The group then rescued Skywalker and Gillmunn from the Imperials. Gillmunn insisted on staying behind, but conceded that the Rebels could not save the planet and should flee.

Sol was already captured and aboard Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer , forcing them to leave without him. Antilles and Klivian drew the fleet’s fire, allowing the others to escape aboard the Starduster before they jumped to hyperspace themselves. Around two months after the abandonment of Yavin, with the Rebel leadership centered aboard roving fleets and in need of supplies, as well as compromised should Jorin Sol give away the escape algorithm used to plot hyperspace jumps when the fleet came under sudden attack, Antilles was part of a group that undertook a supply raid on the planet Kalist VI.

Antilles led elements of Red Squadron in destroying the escort frigate accompanying the Imperial fuel tanker Nuna’s Twins , allowing the Rebels to hijack the tanker.

Skywalker and Captain Harran led a prize crew that took over the ship and continued on to Kalist VI, where they planned to steal supplies from the Imperial base and rescue Sol, held captive within. The half-dozen Red Squadron pilots continued on as well, harrying the ship as it emerged over Kalist VI until they allowed themselves to be driven off by the base’s TIE complement, reinforcing the undercover Rebels’ cover story.

At a prearranged time, Antilles led his pilots and a Y-wing bomber group back to cover the mission’s escape. Skywalker led the rescue not only of Sol, but of a mass of Jabiimi slaves they had not known to be at the base, and with cover from Antilles the entire group escaped. In the next month, Antilles was part of a shipping raid over the planet Per Lupelo.

The Rebels easily picked off the light enemy fighter cover until Skywalker’s fighter lost power in the middle of the battle. With a TIE on Skywalker’s tail, Antilles had to rush to defeat his own opponent before saving his friend. They successfully hijacked the four-ship convoy, bringing much-needed supplies to the fleet. The message stated that Sunber wished to defect. Li considered it a trap, but Skywalker left to rescue him against orders.

Meanwhile, Sol left his bacta tank and attacked Deena Shan , a supply officer. He did not kill her, instead revealing that he had been “reprogrammed” during his Imperial captivity but was fighting his conditioning.

Antilles was chosen to interview him under Li’s supervision, and Sol was told to rest and return to his duties later in the belief that he had overridden his Imperial brainwashing. As soon as Sol was cleared to return to duty, however, he called in the Imperial fleet and attacked Organa and a portion of the ship’s command staff. The fighter complement scrambled to defend the fleet, which could not flee together as Sol had given their escape algorithm to the Empire.

The ships scattered, except Rebel One , the bridge of which was in chaos. Antilles remained, defending the headquarters ship and frantically comming the bridge. Finally the injured Sol overcame his conditioning one last time and launched Rebel One into hyperspace, letting Antilles leave the battle. Antilles detected odd readings near the meeting site and scouted the location of the anomaly with Skywalker, only to find Imperial probe droids spying.

They destroyed the droids, but as they did so Imperial ground and air forces moved against the Rogues’ superior officer, General Carlist Rieekan , who was meeting with city officials in the Capitol Tower. Antilles rushed back to help secure the area, and kept protecting it while Skywalker sped to the Technology Center , where Madine was besieged.

Antilles held bombers off long enough that Han Solo and Chewbacca, nearby, were able to help evacuate the beleaguered Capitol Tower just before it was destroyed. The Rogues soon found themselves cooperating with Madine. When the inhabitants of the planet Gerrard V revolted against the Empire, the Imperial governor , began looting the world as he prepared to flee.

The Rogues were dispatched to escort General Madine’s Y-wings as they used their ion cannons to disable the yachts into which the plundered goods were being loaded. Antilles led half of the unit to one city , where they were attacked by the th TIE Interceptor Squadron , an elite unit under Lieutenant Kasan Moor.

He had to call in Skywalker’s forces to reinforce him, allowing the Rogues to defeat the th and capture Moor. Moor, an Alderaanian, expressed a desire to defect, and she was admitted to the squadron after some consideration. Though Antilles remained distrustful of her, Moor began giving the locations of Imperial bases to the Rebellion, leading to strikes by Rogue Squadron. An Imperial supply depot on the planet Loronar’s Jade Moon fell to Crix Madine’s commandos while the Rogues provided air cover and disabled the depot’s shield.

In a swift raid , Antilles and several more Rogues then struck a factory on the planet Balmorra that produced walker and TIEs. Unable to avoid them in the sluggish Y-wing and subjected to heavy fire, he put down rather than be shot out of the sky , and was captured by Imperial forces before the Rogues could intervene. His captors transferred Antilles to the penal facilities of the planet Kessel. Aboard a Kesselian hovertrain taking him from his initial holding facility to prison , Antilles was suddenly rescued by his fellow Rogues as they disabled the train.

Brought his own X-wing, Antilles was relieved to escape and shared what he had learned aboard the hovertrain: other Rebels were being held in Kessel’s prisons. Madine and his commandos were called in to perform a rescue. Antilles helped provide cover as Madine’s men raided several penitentiaries based on Antilles’s information. After this series of raids and her participation in his rescue, Moor had earned Antilles’s trust.

Rogue Squadron then turned its attention to the emerging threat of ambitious and oppressive Moff Kohl Seerdon , formerly Moor’s patron. Seerdon was planning to move against Thyferra , the vital world that produced bacta , and shut off Rebel access to the immeasurably important healing agent. The Rogues began striking at Seerdon’s holdings, hoping to retard his battle preparations and cripple his supply chain.

They began with a hit-and-run A-wing strike at planet Taloraan , where the Empire mined the tibanna gas that powered its weapons. With support from a CR90 corvette , they destroyed much of Seerdon’s accumulated gas stockpile.

At the same time, a commando unit attempted to steal several All Terrain Personal Transports from a research facility on the planet Fest. Their escape was compromised, and the Rogues sped to Fest to cover the AT-PTs as they made their way to an Alliance transport under heavy Imperial attack. After shepherding the walkers to safety, they destroyed the research facility.

Seerdon then turned to blockading Chandrila , the peaceful, anti-Imperial homeworld of Rebel Alliance leader Mon Mothma, in retaliation for his recent losses. He isolated one of its major cities and began bombarding it, prompting Rieekan to send the Rogues to escort a relief hovertrain filled with supplies to the besieged city and eliminate Seerdon’s forces.

Antilles helped guard the hovertrain as Imperial fighters and bombers assaulted it, and once it reached the city safely he began shooting down Seerdon’s bombers. Once that threat was eliminated, Rieekan sent several shuttles to evacuate the population, which the Rogues protected.

They then settled in to defend Chandrila until Seerdon’s threat was eliminated, letting Seerdon escape the planet.

In retaliation for the attack on Chandrila, the Rogues struck at one of Seerdon’s bases on the planet Sullust. Flying into a volcano , they destroyed the important shielded station within, exacting their revenge for Chandrila.

However, as they finished the mission, they learned that Seerdon had decoyed them into the attack and then used it as a diversion, striking at Thyferra while Rogue Squadron was otherwise occupied.

The Rogues rushed to Thyferra, and in a hard-fought battle they protected Rebel bacta supplies and destroyed Seerdon’s invasion force. Skywalker personally killed Seerdon when he shot down the Moff’s Sentinel -class landing craft , ending the crisis. While assigned to that hidden base, Antilles got into a dogfight with several TIE Interceptors, and his fighter was damaged.

While it was being repaired, he worked to recruit new allies for the Rebels. Devlin agreed to the time and place, and Antilles gave a speech that convinced them to throw their support behind the Rebel Alliance. Only one union leader, Iris , dissented. Antilles had to send the same Rebel agent to reason with her, as he knew she was likely to turn the other union leaders in to the Empire.

When she insisted on selling them out and drew a blaster on the agent, the agent killed her, an outcome Antilles regretted but accepted as the only way to protect the Alliance. On hearing intelligence reports of Imperials bringing power generators from the abandoned Rebel base on Dantooine to Corellia, Antilles called on the same agent to capture the officer in charge of the mysterious project, General Graise , and bring him to Kor Vella for interrogation.

The agent did so, and Graise confessed that the generators were being rebuilt and shipped off-planet for use in another project. Antilles sent the agent to assassinate the man in charge of that endeavor, General Boize , allowing the Rebels to recover the valuable generators and stymie the Imperial plot. Further information from documents on Graise’s person revealed that he had been running storehouse of impounded starships and parts.

Antilles again ordered the agent to undertake a mission, this time to seize the code cylinder allowing access to the building from Emil , the quartermaster for the storehouse. Once Antilles gained the code cylinder, the Rebels were able to raid the facility for an important boost to their starfleet. With no more tasks for the agent, Antilles forwarded the being to Leia Organa for further assignments.

Antilles later used another agent to eavesdrop on two Imperial officers in the city of Bela Vistal on Corellia in the hopes of finding the location of a hidden Imperial base in which several confiscated Rebel X-wings were stored.

The agent found and infiltrated the base, killed the guards, and disabled the security systems, allowing the Rebellion to retake the fighters.

There, he tasked a Rebel to rescue several Alliance pilots who had been captured and imprisoned in a prison bunker near an Imperial base erected on Yavin 4.

The agent completed the mission and returned to confirm the success with Antilles—and to ask the famous pilot for an autograph. After a firefight that wounded most of his companions, he was captured and turned over to the Empire, having been put on the Emperor’s Most Wanted list. When Lando Calrissian , Baron Administrator of Cloud City and sympathetic to the Rebels, contacted the Alliance with information that a missing medical shipment of ryll they had been seeking was located on the asteroid Skip 52 of the notorious asteroid field hideout, Smuggler’s Run , Antilles was sent to meet a Rebel ally who had been working for Calrissian at the planet Wrea.

He flew the agent through the treacherous asteroid field to Skip 52 in a modified two-seat Headhunter. When they arrived they found that Imperial Intelligence agents under the notorious and secretive Blackhole had already taken control of the spice.

Antilles and his ally battled Blackhole’s shadow stormtroopers , overcoming them after a drawn-out gunfight. The pair contacted Calrissian, who arranged to ship the ryll to the medical facility for which it had originally been destined. Antilles was at the planet Xyquine II when it was struck by an Imperial attack. The Cracken Twist proved popular, prompting Antilles to design a maneuver that could be used when a Cracken Twist was called for, letting any eavesdroppers think the motion was the twist.

Antilles’s invention, the screen formation , worked both as a distraction and as a way for a handful of skilled pilots to provide comprehensive protection, forming a sphere of starfighters, rapidly switching position, around an escorted ship. Antilles and the other Rogues were assigned there. In the wake of the battle, Rieekan promoted Skywalker to fill Narra’s position. Senesca found them after they had managed to survive the bitterly cold night. Later in the day, an Imperial probe droid was discovered spying on the base.

The Rebels immediately prepared to evacuate their new base. When Vader’s Death Squadron arrived in the Hoth system , Rogue Group was assigned to hold off the Imperial landing force and defend the planetary shield that protected the base from orbital bombardment and direct landings. Skywalker made the first pass, but his gunner, Dak Ralter, was killed in the attempt.

Skywalker, as Rogue Leader, ordered Antilles and Janson to make the first trip. Janson made the harpoon shot, and Antilles looped his speeder around the AT-AT [7] Blizzard 2 [92] until the machine’s legs were entangled and it tumbled to Hoth’s icy surface. With the machine’s vulnerable neck better exposed, Antilles scored a shot that destroyed the downed walker. The Rebels were unable to hold off the Imperial ground assault, and Leia Organa called the retreat after Imperials entered the base.

Imperial General Maximilian Veers destroyed the shield generator in the next minute. When a Star Destroyer obstructed escape, Antilles hastily pulled off an expert Tallon split with Klivian, confusing the Star Destroyer’s tracking arrays long enough for him to destroy one of the ship’s sensors, giving Thon’s Orchard an avenue of escape.

Antilles returned to Hoth and waited for Skywalker to arrive safely before making his final departure. There, he learned that General Crix Madine had been captured by Imperial forces in the course of the evacuation and, grabbing another soldier, rushed to rescue Madine in a T Antilles found Imperial officer Jeffren Brek and several snowtroopers marching Madine and two of the general’s aides to a shuttle and attacked the Imperials.

Brek escaped in the shuttle with Madine, but Antilles managed to save the two subordinates, who informed him that Brek was taking Madine to the Star Destroyer Tyrant for transfer to prison. Antilles dispatched the soldier whom he had brought with him to arrange a raid on the Tyrant , which successfully recovered Madine.

Back at Echo Base, Antilles was joined by Skywalker, who joined him in escorting the three remaining transports, including the Dutyfree , to safety.

He was put to work rebuilding the survivors of Hoth and new pilots into a working unit, officially stationed aboard Ackbar’s flagship Home One and able to quickly lift for any hotspot. He recorded the training hologram ” Alliance Strategy and Tactics Lecture Combat Starfighters ” for distribution throughout the Rebellion, in which he outlined the workings and objectives of Alliance Starfighter Command and presented tactics and strategy for starfighter combat.

Following the evacuation of Echo Base, Antilles returned to Hoth, where a group of Rebels had been stranded during the battle. There he encountered Arns Grimraker , a notorious pirate, arms dealer, and scavenger. Grimraker was attempting to salvage equipment left behind by the Alliance, and was preparing to attack the Rebel remnants.

Antilles killed him, allowing the remaining Rebels to escape. The story of the events became a favorite of Antilles’s, and he took to embellishing it wildly, generally stating that he had himself been stranded on Hoth with Janson for months, only to finally escape in Grimraker’s ship and be rescued by Skywalker.

Frequently, Antilles claimed Janson had died, usually as a prank on rookies who would then be shocked to meet Janson alive and well.

Antilles was sent to scout the Maw , a black hole cluster suspected of hiding an Imperial prison. There they came under attack from TIEs and, after fighting their way through Imperial forces, disabled a force field to gain access to the prison facility. They received a transmission from Karie Neth , the leader of the Rebel prisoners, who was engaged in a prison break. Coming to her aid, Antilles destroyed the prison’s defenses, allowing Neth and her contingent of prisoners to escape.

After their flight, while the injured were being transferred to the medical frigate Redemption , the Rebels came under attack from the Star Destroyer Nemesis. The Rogues and Golds, forced to fly Headhunters, covered the fleet’s escape. When a supply convoy headed for the Airam sector was ambushed in the Halbara system , the Rogues fought off the attack.

The Rogues and Green Squadron then made a raid of their own, retaking supplies from the captured Hormuuz with capital ship aid. In order to gauge the strength of Task Force Vengeance , the Rogues were dispatched to a fleet rendezvous point in speedy A-wings. There they scanned the task force’s ships as they arrived and destroyed cargo ships bearing munitions as they found them.

On identifying Senn’s flagship, the Star Dreadnought Vengeance , Antilles departed to report to his commanders. The Rogues then participated in the capture of the Immobilizer cruiser Compellor in the Battle of Swellen , holding off an Imperial counterattack.

They then guarded the Compellor ‘ s arrival at Mobetta and, after the first attack was defeated, held off a second Imperial assault fleet. Afterward, they received a distress call from the X7 factory Gallofree at Mobetta and returned there to defend it against an Imperial attack.

Though they could not save Compellor , they covered the evacuation of the Airam Rebels from the factory at great risk before withdrawing. Airam leader Tamaron agreed to supply the Alliance with warheads in gratitude. Antilles’s Rogues guarded the transfer against Imperial interference. When the Imperials did attack, the Rogues quickly beat off the interlopers. When the Airam clan leader Ilay attempted to negotiate a treaty with Senn, the Rogues were part of the forces that disrupted the meeting, capturing Ilay before retreating.

With intelligence on a rendezvous Ilay had set up to supply the Imperials, the Rogues, equipped with B-wings, struck the convoy at Dega , destroying all the supply freighters in a prolonged raid. Senn, with his forces reduced and strained for supplies, pressed forward with an attack on the Rebel shipyards in the Nocto system. The Rebels were able to destroy the Rage and the Vengeance in the battle, killing Senn and putting an end to Task Force Vengeance ‘ s menace of the Airam sector.

On hearing a tip that several Rebel scientists captured on Hoth were being held in a detention facility over the planet Bakura , the Rogues were sent to free them. Taking a B-wing, Antilles arrived to find a transport departing the station. He rushed to disable it with the B-wing’s ion cannons, allowing a Rebel evacuation transport to dock and transfer the prisoners over for rescue. As a succession of transport ships departed, Antilles disabled each one.

When Klivian’s fighter was crippled in the dogfight, plummeting to Bakura’s surface, Antilles quickly docked with the station and stole a TIE bomber to provide a two-seat craft. Flying to the surface and through a heavily defended ice crevasse, he picked up Klivian and returned to the Rebel forces in orbit.

However, when he returned, an storm commando escort carrier recaptured the scientists and fled to the planet Geonosis. Under Madine’s direction, Antilles, back in his X-wing, led two Rogues and the transports to Geonosis in pursuit.

When Imperial capital ships arrived, it was plain that they had flown into a trap. Antilles covered for the transports as they escaped, destroying a storm commando escort carrier and losing his own stabilizer in the explosion. Antilles plummeted to the surface, where he abandoned his X-wing and evaded stormtroopers who had themselves landed in escape pods from the destroyed ship. Taking over a turret on the ground, Antilles shot down the gunship, then found an abandoned Delta-7 Aethersprite starfighter, another Clone Wars relic.

After his R5 unit repaired the fighter, he returned to orbit, where Madine had just arrived in a Nebulon-B, and flew the Aethersprite against the remaining Imperial forces. When reports that a platform over the planet Destrillion was being used for Imperial research arrived, Antilles was sent to scout the facility in an A-wing and note vulnerable points for attack by his squadron in Y-wings. Piloting through a series of energy-shielded tunnels in open space, he made his way to an open area, where he found a swarm of TIE Hunters.

Trapped inside by force fields, he had to take on the TIE Hunters alone. After eliminating them, a further tunnel opened, allowing him to continue toward the base. Exiting, he found only an Imperial convoy. He returned to the fleet, which came under fire from the surface of Destrillion’s sister planet, Dubrillion. The Rebels had been lured into a trap so that a superlaser based on Dubrillion could be used against them.

Antilles led a Y-wing bombing run to Dubrillion, targeting the focusing dishes for the superlaser. Unable to reach the full facility with a bomber, Antilles put down and commandeered an AT-ST, penetrating the superlaser construct.

Within an internal rail system, he then transferred to an idle AT-AT and destroyed the reactor turbines. With the superlaser destroyed, he escaped in his Y-wing.

Antilles boarded the cruiser Champion , which was to proceed to the rendezvous point. It came under attack from the Tyrant , however, and fighters had to scramble to defend the ship until it could jump to hyperspace.

The same soldier Antilles had earlier sent to free Madine flew in the battle despite having little fighter experience and impressed Antilles, who later congratulated him with Madine in the officers’ lounge. Intercepted signals revealed that the Tyrant had been ordered to support an Imperial ambush at the gas giant Bespin , and Antilles sent the same soldier to make contact with Rebel informer Yoxgit on Cloud City and determine what was happening.

He learned that the Empire had captured Han Solo and frozen him in carbonite. Skywalker eventually joined Antilles at the rendezvous, missing a hand after a confrontation with Darth Vader in Bespin’s Cloud City. There, Skywalker had escaped with Organa and Chewbacca, freed from Imperial custody by Han Solo’s old friend, Lando Calrissian, but had also been unsuccessful in attempting to free Solo.

Antilles swiftly struck up a friendship with Calrissian, new to the Rebellion. For a strike at the vital Imperial shipyards of the planet Fondor and a cloaking device -equipped Executor -class Star Dreadnought under construction there, Antilles and two other Rogues flew captured TIE Hunters and presented themselves as escorting a captured Rebel transport; the transport was in fact a droid ship programmed to ram the shipyards’ control center.

They were detected by spaceport control, however, and had to battle to defend the transport as it made its suicide run. Once the control center was destroyed, the Rebel fleet arrived. Antilles brought down the shields and then led the Rogues in a run to eliminate the Star Dreadnought.

He destroyed its cloaking generators, and the fleet eliminated the ship. While the Rogues were traveling with elements of the Rebel fleet, an Imperial Strike Cruiser came across the convoy. Madine scrambled the Rogues to defend the convoy. Under Antilles, the squadron cut through the TIEs, while the running Strike Cruiser, its shields focused to the rear, succumbed to fire from Rivan, who had looped in front of it unnoticed.

The Rogues quickly traveled to the system and set up a prefabricated base on Kile , a moon opposite Gall. Calrissian’s agent Dash Rendar , a smuggler who had flown alongside the Rogues at Hoth, docked his freighter, the Outrider , in the simple hangar and quarters the Rogues maintained.

Along with Rendar, the Rogues scouted the Imperial Enclave as they waited for Rendar to confirm Fett’s presence, learning that two Star Destroyers guarded the base, with a TIE complement that outnumbered the Rogues by twelve to one.