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RealFlow is fluid dynamics software and its new engine Hybrido2 has support for OpenCL since this year. No need to water cool. The Art of Benchmarking I’ve always found AMD drivers to be unstable. Since modifications to our system to support the GTX are too costly, especially for an 3 year old system. Nice info, and thanks to Andreas above for extra info. Previous Next Sort by votes.


Sony vegas pro 12 opencl vs cuda free


Apple has responded to reports of an ‘unpatchable’ vulnerability within the M1 processors that powe…. Home Tech News. Tech News. Bang and Olufsen sustainability — What you need to know. Fallout 5 is officially coming, but probably not for a long time. Internet Explorer officially dies today. OnePlus 10 renders and specs leak. Sennheiser offers glimpse of new Momentum 4 wireless over-ears. Nothing Phone 1 design officially revealed. Adobe Photoshop is coming to the web for free.

How to watch Obi-Wan Kenobi: When does episode 5 drop? How to. Moto G62 5G budget phone announced for UK. Xiaomi 12 Ultra specs leak with mostly pros and a few cons.

Nintendo Direct event heavily tipped for June You get matte finesse tools, the ability to add and remove strokes and automatic tracking. DaVinci Resolve color management adds features to simplify your workflow and improve image quality.

You get wide gamut image processing, new input and output tone mapping and color space aware tools that provide for a more consistent response while grading and greatly improved image quality. DaVinci wide gamut and DaVinci intermediate are timeline color space and gamma settings that provide a universal internal working color space. It’s larger than what cameras can capture, or BT.

You’ll never lose image data, no matter where it comes from. You can now open multiple versions of a same scope, set customizable waveform scales, create 3×3 layouts and open a separate scope window on a second display. You could open 3 vectorscopes, set to different tonal and zoom ranges, allowing you to simultaneously see shadows, midtones, and highlights.

DaVinci Resolve 17 lets you generate 17 point 3D LUTs directly from the timeline, which are great for monitoring on set. There’s also support for video range LUT metadata, as well as the ability to set your own custom LUT paths either on local or to a network volume for sharing LUTs in a facility.

New diagonal, venetian blind and checkerboard wipes provide additional flexibility for comparing images in different ways. A new split screen mode for comparing up to four playheads from the timeline is useful for comparing multiple clips or for comparing different frames within the same clip.

DaVinci Resolve 17 is the biggest update in Fairlight history with new features, tools and core improvements that make it the world’s fastest and highest quality solution for audio post production!

If you’ve been thinking about switching to Fairlight from another system, the context sensitive edit selection mode with updated keyboard shortcuts makes it faster than ever.

A new high performance audio engine, Fairlight Audio Core, along with the revolutionary new FlexBus busing architecture give you support for over 2, tracks! You can now reverse audio clips, analyze loudness, view and navigate transients, preview video while editing, move automation, export multi channel files and more. Download Certified What’s New Similar to 5.

DaVinci Resolve Download. Last updated:. April 29, User rating:. DaVinci Resolve 17 is the world’s only solution that combines professional 8K editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post production all in one software tool! Key Features Blackmagic Cloud to host and manage cloud-based project libraries.

Collaborate securely over the internet using Blackmagic ID. Upload and review on Presentations with synced markers and comments. Vastly improved project library performance for network workflows. Improved project performance, especially when working with large projects. New Proxy Generator app for auto-creating proxies within watch folders. Ability to choose between prioritizing proxies or camera originals. Proxy files in subfolders are automatically assigned in the media pool.

Ability to view and import subtitles from media storage. Support for relinking subtitle clips from the media pool. Subtitle region support with multiple simultaneous captions per track.

Set individual presets, text positions and intuitively edit between regions. Add, rename and manage regions from the timeline context menu. Ability to import, export and embed multiple subtitle tracks as TTML. Support for showing up to 25 simultaneous multicam angles on the viewer. Edit Index now shows clip duration. Ability to navigate keyframes outside trimmed clip extents.

Ability to navigate retime keyframes using hotkeys. Smart bin filter for disabled timelines. Render in place and open in Fusion actions can be assigned shortcuts. Reset Fusion composition now works on multiple clip selections. Color New object mask capability in Magic Mask. Support for syncing clip groups in remote grading sessions.

Ability to trigger bidirectional tracking from advanced and mini panels. Support for matte finesse and 3D qualifier in advanced and mini panels. Dolby Vision highlight clipping support in advanced panels. Support for bypassing color outputs from advanced panels. Add key mixers with auto-connected key outs from advanced panels. Support for the HDR Vivid standard. Reference gamut compression enabled by default in ACES 1. New Resolve FX Despill.

Improved Resolve FX Beauty with new ultra mode. Option to composite from a second input in Resolve FX Transform. Fairlight Ability to convert fixed bus projects to FlexBus in project settings. Ability to freely order tracks and buses in the mixer via the track index. Ability to nudge custom millisecond or sub-frame intervals in the timeline.

Improved quality for time stretched audio. Improved Dolby Atmos immersive mixing, including Binaural monitoring. Improved behavior of automated tracks under VCA control. Improved meters with configurable decay, peak hold and display modes. Ability to ctrl-alt click to remove gain and elastic wave keyframes.

Ability to double click a clip in the timeline to rename. Ability to set record clip name prefix at a per-track level. Support for renaming underlying tracks when renaming a linked group.

Equalizers with improved Q controls and mouse wheel inputs. Dynamics with enhanced metering, gain display and enable controls. Dynamics with improved dry mix, soft knee and metering in FlexBus.

Improved plugin management with replace and copy settings in the mixer. New built in presets for equalizers and dynamics. Hold shift and double click clips to extend the edit selection range. Support for applying audio gain on range selection. Improved waveform display accuracy under crossfades. Origination time metadata is now persisted when bouncing mix to track. Option to trim from unity on the Fairlight Desktop Console.

Support for using the Fairlight Desktop Console on Linux systems. Studio monitoring support for FlexBus on consoles. Fairlight console option to mute speakers on timeline load. Support for chasing timecode via Fairlight audio interfaces. Support for user views in the Fairlight Desktop Console. Improved mapping for audio effects on the Audio Editor panel. Support for a new clear mutes action in the timeline menu.

I have tested multiple times with 2 ti and noticed the quadro was each time faster. Never assume a company would offer the same performance in a pro card in an inexpensive consumer card. No doubt quadros are great as they are professional workstation graphics cards, but this post only focuses on consumer level graphics cards, especially for budget conscious users. Hey akshat, I am planing to build pc for 4k editing and little bit for video gaming but highly for 4K editing.

For 4k editing i putchased lG 4K 43inch TV model ukpti is that good choice?. Let me know about this. For edditing i read many of comments and your answers on that commnet i am planing to go for ryzen 7 series.

And graphic card Ti 6GB And my pc build other option i selected 1. Now please suggest and help me to Pick up perfect motherboard for my pc build. Overall is good or not.?

Let me know Waiting for your responce. Other than that, you build looks fine and please do not cheap out on PSU and get a branded one. Hope it helps!

Hello akshat Thanx for fast replay. I appreciate your suggestions but i have doubt about the MSI brand. What about Gigabyte x Aorus Gaming 5 wifi Motherboard?. And does 4K tv is good for editing?. Because of first i thought about LG 27inch 4k Gaming monitor but then after i purchased LG 43 Inch 4k tv… So suggest me for this thing too. Gigabyte x Aorus Gaming 5 wifi is a good board too.

Well, I think video editing on a TV is not a good idea because of the color calibration and accuracy issues. Hi Akshat, You have given lots of useful information on graphic card. It take long hours for rendering and editing in After effects. So please advice me whether my desktop will support this card or I have to buy I 7 H with intel motherboard.

I will also buy external ssd hard disk. Thanks Sanjay Khemka. Please suggest best on budget Thanks. Thank you for all the super helpful info and tips! Also, I want to avoid bottlenecks and get the most out of the system meaning I want to be able to use all of the components together without them limiting each other — like the MB limiting the RAM speed or the processor bottlenecking the graphics card.

Any suggestions otherwise? Hello David, You system looks pretty good including the motherboard. However, here are some suggestions from my side: 1. Thanks Akshat! First off, you replied insanely fast and your insight is really helpful. What are your thoughts on this system;.

It is at the top of my budget, but is there anything you would change out? I am trying to build a system that I could upgrade easily in the future without breaking the bank. Also, you can get it a bit cheaper too. RX 8GB would be perfect for your system as you can game on p and can do basic 4k video editing too. Primary needs — content creation, 4k editing, music production, fairly heavy multitasking. Do you think it will fit my needs? Better to get a single 16GB stick.

SMPS Watt 7. GPU or or Rx i am so confused about Gpu. If budget is not an issue then you must get this only. I am using the on-board CPU for graphics. I use Photoshop, Lightroom 6, and On1 software for editing my photos.

The On1 software is extremely slow. What would be your recommendations? Thank you for the recommendations. Those cards look like they are low profile.

Do they come with adapter for full height case? No they are not low profile cards. They are regular sized cards but are in small form category because of shorter length.

I edit 4k videos in Premiere and AE. The computer can get quite slow when working in these programs. I do not do any gaming. Well, I think more than the graphics card, your processor is holding you back because for 4K editing, a 6 core processor is preferred to begin with 8 core recommended.

I was afraid you were going to say that, lol. Hello sir,great article, please I need ur help am on a budget and a novice, I have a budget computer, Intel 4th generation i5,mother board is Asus Bplus R2.

I use premiere pro cc and Davinci resolve. Help a brother please. For graphics card I would recommend Radeon RX In addition to my comment, please will u recommend I upgrade the system if yes what an what should I upgrade,or will u recommend a new build if yes what what are the items needed for a decent budget build.

Here is my present system spec Motherboard Asus Bplus R2. How much is you budget for the whole upgrade? Akshat, Hello and thank you for all the great info. I am probably on overload but perhaps you can just clarify and offer an opinion.

I will be on the road and limited to a laptop Vs PC. My primary is video edit with 4K capabilities — I would say Pro-Sumer is the level I will be working at. What is the laptop equivalent for the AMD Ryzen x? Example here. It will also be used for small business tasks xcel,quicken, basic compute. Intel Core iH clearly offers way more performance over Ryzen 7 H, so you should go with the Core iH for heavy duty tasks and 4K editing, but for normal basic tasks and some editing, Ryzen 7 H should be enough.

Mostly using it for video editing and some gaming. Any suggestion? Thank you. For ip, RX 8GB one is a better match and you can also play latest games on it at very high settings p comfortably. My unit is a home theater PC used to store videos I playback via a Plex media server. I plan on using the capture box to record some 30 minute shows sourced via a Roku box.

Is that something applicable to my situation? The performance may vary depending on the card and the task. Was wondering if there were some areas I could downgrade and still keep it a decent machine for editing… Ryzen instead maybe?

Yes you can cut down to Ryzen 5 X, which is also a very good processor and offers great value for the money. Other components will remain the same. Do you think it is worth the extra money for the series cards for what I need to do? Hello Mr. Verma, I am customizing a new computer whose most difficult task will be video editing with Corel Video Studio. The video editing I do is mostly with P or P—no 4K yet, but my footage gets chopped up into small pieces—each of which gets edited. I have read a number of articles on what components to choose, some of which put more emphasis on the video card than you do although they are probably in the minority.

My question is do you think option 2 will be significantly faster than 1 and which pairing do you think makes more sense? What you think about GTX instead R9 fury x? GTX has 8 gb ram vs 4 gb in R9 fury. More ram is good for 4k but vegas working better on AMD.

Which one will be better? I requesting that i building 1 video Editing desktop. Dell has various Desktop range PC. I wiil be realy thank full. Hi, Akshat, Thanks for this config. Can you pls. Hi, Mr. Can you update something to have a decent video editing PC? What do you recommend? Forget to mention that I have a disk sata 2. On the other hand will it be necessary to update the gpu? Will the gtx GPU still be useful? Example: Should I keep the i7 configuration and add a gtx until I can replace the motherboard and i7 for something better?

For video editing, it is better to upgrade the CPU first. Ryzen 5 is certainly better than the older i7 and will give your better performance in video editing. So, upgrading your CPU to Ryzen 5 with B motherboard is a wise choice and you can upgrade the graphics card later to a better one.

Hope this helps. Please guide if i should change anything in to upgrade or should go for somthig else in this budget. Im planning to build a pc for 3d rendering like Sketchup, 3dsmax and lumion… but also im quite fun for video editing sofwares like Adobe premiere, photoshop and lightroom. Amd ryzen 7 Msi b 16gb ddr4 hyperX 2x8gb gb ssd 1tb sata hdd Gtx 8gb w deepcool psu. Pretty good specs. What do you think about this build?

Be quiet! Straight Power 11 — W. Go with the more powerful Ryzen 7 X and stick with the stock cooler for the time being to save money.

You can upgrade the cooler in the future. Will I see a difference? I can not change the cpu now. Thanks a lot and sorry for my poor English. Thank you very much for the immediate answer. Obviously I have to change cpu but at this moment it is difficult.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. Most will be at UHD 4K. This is a good card, but the 4GB concerns me for 4K. I want to be sure that not only the editing end goes smoothly, and that the rendering times are reasonable. Thanks much for your help! Do you have any Recommendation let me know please. You have a great article.

The processor does not load and the preview does not slow down. Tell me what could be the problem? Intel i, 16 ram, gtx 6gb. If I do not confuse anything. What GPU drivers are you using. I downloaded the latest driver from the official site, now I will try to install them. Maybe the program itself is not working correctly? It seems that I only have a cpu responsible for everything in Adobe Premiere.

Video editing for a desktop. My daughter is now film editor in high school for the next three years and for some you tuber gamer. What do you suggest? You can get them at under bucks easily. Hi there! I am glad I found your website while building my pc. I am building my pc for gaming and video editing, well a sort of all around pc I also read that a R7 is a good one in mix for the RX for budget. What is the best option for the GPU?

The AMP variant comes pre-overclocked from the factory. Also,the AMP one has slightly better cooler, is longer and comes with a metal backplate. In my opinion, it is not worth getting the AMP one because you can overclock the non AMP one to higher speeds if you want to.

Where is the best choice and good quality? I do not want to throw away extra money. Here, I would get the GTX Ti because of its newer Turing architecture, better driver support, lower power consumption and it is as fast as the Vega Akshat, you are so incredibly helpful. Thanks for the great article. What card do you recommend? I have a i7 k with 64gb ram. I appreciate your time and recommendations. Thank you in advance. Thank you very much Akshat. I appreciate your suggestion.

Very much appreciated. Thanks for the website Akshat and I got general idea on what i will be needing but I have a tight budget for these builds or suggested gpu, I can have a Ryzen 5 and a RX for the build with a MSI mortar plus MOBO Still looking for a better one , will this be a good build for editing and gaming please include a bit of streaming too and also I read that a AMD cpu needs to have a Mhz of RAM, is this true?

Thank you for the answers. Hi, Akshat. Tell me, which option would you choose for yourself? Why would your choice be so? We will not consider the price, only the quality of the system. Thanks for your reply in advance! Also, it comes with CPU cooler out of the box. The only area in which Core i7 K leads is the gaming department and that too at p, because at p gaming, both Ryzen X and i7 K performs nearly the same.

I do only 4K editing and no gaming. Sometimes I take like 6 hours of 4K video on vacation and then edit it down using adobe premier elements.

My current pc is super slow at this so I am going to put together a new pc and was looking at:. My question are 1. Is the ti necessary for just premiere elements even though I am not doing any gaming? Anything else to change? If you are working with complex effects or larger videos then 32GB comes in very handy.

Well, you can go with the GTX too, but GTX Ti has faster memory and thus offers higher bandwidth which does help a bit more in such tasks. Your rig looks great and Ryzen 7 X is a wonderful choice for productivity.

Hi im Dehnis.. Bt let me ask this please im on budget and i am trying to get a laptop for video editing with the following spec i7- 5th gen, 8gb gb, nnvida GTX gb. Please how good is this. Thanks again! Hi Akshat, Thanks for the article. My current system specs. It would be nice to improve my 4K render times.

Changing my CPU means changing the mainborad, basically a new build. What is the next step, would it be worth it? Or would this be marginal gains and maybe not worth the expense? What do you think? Thanks, Tom. I think you can delay the CPU upgrade for sometime as for it you have to change the motherboard too.

I have read many of the comments. I am a YouTuber. And would like to do some 4K videos in future. I make min longer videos. This year, I am taking classes for: 1. Adobe Illustrator 2. After Effects 3. Is enough or should i go for ti? Is this a balanced build or an overkill or under-powered for my needs? This is a pretty good build for p video editing and also for basic to some mid level 4K video editing. You can always upgrade the RAM in the future but for now it is enough.

Hi Akshat I am using i kaby lake Processor 8gb ram. My choices is 1. Sorry for my bad English. Thanks For the Reply. Should I increase my ram? Thanks For the Help. Thanks again. Hello Akshat, Nice to see your review on each question. I am very confused in buying laptop for video editing, 4K and Full HD. I opt to go for Adobe premiere pro first. Here are some of choices that I have under 50k INR.

Should I go for intel or AMD processor? NVidia or AMD graphics? Do help me out. For laptops, I still prefer Intel processor if the specs are almost the same. I can…I want product to run longer so better all should be latest…you can suggest. Just check it out. Thats very nice of you to help…but I have doubt regarding the product that u mentioning…as I can see 2 different prices for same model so I am confused its renewed or refurbished?

How they offer such huge discount? Check the link I am sending you 1. Acer Nitro 5 AN The difference is in the sellers. The discounted one that I have suggested looks good and is from a trusted seller which is Appario Retail. Some big sellers do offer high discount to clear out their stock. Now, the decision is up to you. Hi Thank you on the artical!

Thank you again for the fast reply! It is powerful build for workstation and a decent one for gaming. The M. I have something in my mind to change for a few hundred more dollars , can you recommend a motherboard and Graphic card with better specs than those in the list if I buy this processor instead:. Your recommendation can be up to more dollars for Graphic card and up to more dollars for motherboard.

The best graphics card that you can have at dollars is Radeon RX only. Is this change something you would recommend for me, or should I stick with my original build that I wrote? No problem! Oh sorry.. I misread it as RX I would like to ask for help, Im in need of upgrade for Adobe apps purposes premiere, photoshop, etc..

Here are my specs:. Would that be compatible with my motherboard and CPU? I currently dont know the brand and speed of the memory, but probably its Kingston, this is because the unit im trying to upgrade is for my co-worker, our Graphic Artist. Anyways, cant I make it double? The same recommendation that I have suggest earlier. Yes the card is compatible as long as you have a PCIe x16 slot. Hi Akshat First , Thanks a lot for all these very clear and usefull technical documentation.

I use Adobe Premier Pro cc for only family video edition. I am not a gamer and i dont do editing video often and i have a limited budget.

Do you thing if i install Nvdia GTX graphics i would be more « confortable »? For bucks, GTX is a good choice. Many thanks. It is better if i can wait? Hi Akshat, Finding information about video cards outside of their abilities to play games is difficult which is why I like this site.

I am looking for a card that can provide true 10 bit color depth driver support and 4k resolution to get the best out of this monitor possible. I have been looking at super, super, but your advice is I can get by with less. If so, what can you recommend that will meet these specific needs.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Do you think gtx 8GB will enough? I think I need more horse power on CPU side and good amount of memory. This card will be also good for 8k editing? What is your opinion? Best Regards, Michal.

Hi Akshat, thanks for sharing the info and a great article. I currently have a lenovo x1 carbon 5th Gen with iU. I would like to run video editing by adding an eGPU also for future updates! Are you aware of any issue with this setup?

Eventually could you suggest something else? Thanks a lot for your assistance. For eGPU, you need to have Thunderbolt 3 port which your laptop seems to have. I think it is a pretty good setup for p projects and can cope up with some 4K ones too. Hi Akshat, Need your advise..

I am looking to buy a laptop for editing videos and have shortlisted an alienware laptop. Hi Akshat First , thanks a lot for all these very clear and usefull technical documentation. Thank you in advance for your attention to this request. Thank you very much Akshat!! For productivity Threadripper X is slightly better than Ryzen X but in gaming and single core performance X is better.

It is unfortunate that X is running out of stock because it is great processor for both gaming and workstation , has lower power consumption and is built on the new 7nm process.

Fully support all Adobe cc programs. I think the GPU and Monitor do not support bit color. Yes this build can render up 4k and will support Abode CC programs. I am sorry there is no budget workaround as bit hardware GPU, Monitor is on the expensive side. Would that fix my problem. I know this is a bit old model. But I am in a kinda tight budget. Would you please read this article by nividia. And possibly pick the best budget card for 4k rendering and 10bit display based of this article.

Hello akshat, your knowledge is awesome, Really. I think now I have arrived to a right platform. You are the only person I found whose words cleared that pc configuration for video editing and gaming differs. Pls suggest me a pc build for editing 4K and RAW video of up to hrs in timeline.

Thanks in advance. Thanks for the appreciation. Can you please specify me your budget for the PC including monitor.

I m not interested in gaming at all. Softwares I will be using are Adobe premiere, after effects, photoshop, davinci resolve, fusion, maya as well. Hello Akshat, Amazing article, love what you do. I have the following build if you have time to check it and give me some help. My Graphics card has failed, it keeps turning off my screens, I have proved this by connecting to my motherboard card.

What graphics card do you recommend? I am doing mainly p video editing with some 4k Editing, no gaming. Do I need to update elsewhere, memory? For p video editing and basic 4K editing, GTX is enough. Also, I suggest you to increase your RAM to 16GB for better overall performance, especially in video editing and workstation tasks.

I know RAM may not be your field, is there something you recommend or get the same? You can go for some other brand too in MHz, such as Kingston or Hynix.

Thanks for all your help. Just to test the system and benchmark it do you recommend a software? Can you help me in this: I have a Ryzen 7 x, and I want to upgrade my graphics card. I edit 4k footage on Premiere CC. Hi, i am using MacBook pro and planning to upgrade.

I am using davinci resolve mainly for FHD video, will do 4k in the future just for hobby and no gaming. I have few options to choose to purchase and hope you could give me some ideas.

All of them come with the same Core iH processor, so there is no point discussing that. Clearly, Gigabyte Aero 15 has got the best display, which is very important in video editing tasks. Also, the GTX Ti card is enough for p editing and will not face issues with basic to mod-level 4K editing. So, I think going with Gigabyte Aero 15 makes more sense because of its better display and it packs all the power that you need.

Thanks for your super quick reply. On the other side, how do u think about this iMac : 3. Better to have 16GB for 4K editing. Hello again! Thank you for your attention! Hi, sorry, I have another question. For sure the 9th is newer. Thanks again!!! Both are basically the same CPUs. You have to use reference or founders edition card with it.

Hello Akshat, Thank you for your prompt response. I was about to purchase this card. I checked with Dell today and they confirmed that it will fit in the AGA. May i ask your view why do you think that it will not fit in the AGA. Secondly, please recommend some latest cards that i can buy and use it for 4K video editing and 4K gaming on my PC.


GPU acceleration for Sony Vegas Pro – What’s New:


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