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These days, it’s rather easy for underpowered computers to handle Valve’s Source 2 engine, and that’s good news for Portal fans. For those who have never jumped into the series before, now’s the time. Not only is it easy on the hardware, but it’s one of the coolest and most inventive FPS puzzle games ever made.

Portal’s gameplay is simple, consisting of a gun that can create two types of dimensional portals that allow players to navigate a series of puzzle-themed rooms. It’s a game that tests the grey matter, without testing the machine it’s running on. Despite some unpopular opinions about Grand Theft Auto V , it’s still one of the most widely played games in the world.

However, even with today’s hardware, GTA V can be a challenge to run on ultra-high settings, which is why it’s so ironic that the game can be played on low-end systems. This means barebones visual clarity and detail in order to play the game on a lower-spec system. It might be easier to pick up GTA V for a home video game console, as opposed to suffering through a PC version on a low-end system that can’t properly tackle its engine.

Valorant is relatively new to the FPS arena, having come out in June of This particular game is dependent more on the CPU, rather than any graphics hardware, which is a benefit for GPU-less gamers. This gives players a lot of wiggle room to adjust graphics preferences and hit their desired sweet spots when it comes to clarity vs framerate.

The game itself looks brilliant and sharp, which is a testament to how integrated graphics can power a deceptively simple FPS title. With Radeon 7 graphics technology, it eliminates the need for a GPU in order to play many of today’s games.

Black Mesa is a perfect example. This official Half-Life fan remake can be played on a G with solid framerates. Most APUs and integrated graphics processors usually require graphics settings to be knocked down to Low, but Black Mesa is capable of hitting higher numbers. As long as the integrated video processing is up to par, there’s no need to splurge on an expensive video card. Red Dead Redemption 2 is every Western movie fan’s dream come true, and pairing it to the Ryzen G produces interesting results, especially given how demanding this particular Rockstar title really is.

It can challenge even the most powerful PC rigs around, which makes its favorable performance on an APU so much more surprising. It’s good news for laptop gamers who can run it at p resolution, without noticing a huge drop in quality. It’s not going to be as smooth or vivid as many hope for, but budget-conscious gamers can at least get to experience this masterpiece in limited form.

Racing fans can rejoice at the fact that they won’t need a GPU in order to get playable framerates out of Forza Horizon 4. Results will vary according to the hardware, but the game can net some playable framerates due to a well-constructed game engine, and less demanding visuals.

However, there are plenty of games of old that require very little video memory, meaning the processor alone would be capable in maintaining a good frame rate. Let’s take a look at some. Note: Some of these games will require you to turn the settings preset to either low or medium, depending on your integrated graphics. Still considered to be one of the most-fun racing games of all-time, Burnout Paradise is simply chaos, speed and action personified. The game is a joy to play, having no qualms about ditching the simulation approach that other games of its time were heeding.

The game follows an arcade style, and focuses more on action-style driving rather than the simulation approach that games like Gran Turismo were going for. The game was extremely divisive upon release, but has developed a cult fanbase that holds it up to be the best in the franchise. Ditching the “Arabian Nights” aesthetic in favour of a more “grungy and dark” atmosphere, Warrior Within makes an impression early on.

A brilliant game that sees the Prince trying to escape the clutches of the terrifying Guardian of Time, this game is a joy, and will test your combat hack n’ slash skills. There aren’t a lot of things gamers can agree upon collectively. However, Half-Life 2 is considered by a large majority to be one of the greatest games ever made. Valve’s Half-Life franchise was an innovative entry in the FPS genre, and revolutionised an entire industry with its brilliant gameplay and narrative.

Half-Life 2 is simply an essential game for every gamer to play. Say what you will about the Call of Duty franchise, but it is hard to deny its impact on the gaming industry, as well as the quality of its titles.

Each game in the entry has had good core gameplay, that has become the signature Call of Duty style of reflex-based shooting. The franchise’s origin, however, lies in World War shooters akin to games like Medal of Honor. But that was a given, as Infinity Ward — the developers of the game — had ex-EA employees who had previously worked on Medal of Honor. The second in the franchise is considered to be the one that began the rise of the series to the very top of the industry.

Few other games can match the Max Payne franchise for sheer cinematic storytelling and gameplay. From the iconic bullet-time mechanic, to the gripping neo-noir tale of Max, the sequel is perhaps even better than the first offering. Building on the foundations of what made the original so good, Max Payne 2 improves upon every aspect of the original and delivers what is one of the most cinematic stories ever told in video games.

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